No concentrate will ever match the potency of THC isolate powder. Unlike standard cannabis extracts like shatter, THC isolate is all THC. Forget about secondary cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids. When you try this product, you’ll only experience the effects of ultra-refined delta-9.

Although it isn’t ideal for beginners or flavor chasers, it offers many noteworthy features to cannabis consumers. Anyone who already has a strong THC tolerance may want to add THC isolate to their “weed routine.”

So, What Exactly Is THC Isolate? 

Whenever you see the term “isolate” next to a compound, you should insert the word “isolated.” Indeed, “THC isolate” is literally delta-9 THC “isolated” from all other cannabis chemicals—which is why this product is so darn potent! 

You’ll often find it in a white, powdery form, but there are a few companies that offer dab-friendly THC isolate crystals. Whichever product you choose, your THC isolate should be flavorless and odorless. 

The most common way extractors make THC isolate involves running CO2 through cannabis flowers. To use this method, manufacturers create “supercritical” CO2 by forcing this gas into a chamber with extreme pressure and frigid temps. 

Once CO2 is in-between a gas and liquid, extractors push it through another chamber that contains their cannabis flowers. The CO2 strips away terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant material. To make it, manufacturers run the cannabis extract through multiple rounds of purification designed to isolate the THC molecule.

There could be some variation in how pure it is, but most manufacturers shoot for at least 95 percent THC. 


How And Why Do People Use It?

THC isolate powder has two primary benefits. First, it’s incredibly potent. Second, it’s simple to dose with pinpoint precision. 

These factors are of great significance for MMJ patients who rely on accurate THC dosing. Since 1 mg of isolate powder should equal 1 mg of THC, it’s easier for people to track how much THC they’re taking per day.

Another benefit ascribed to these products are their versatility. People who don’t like smoking weed could place a pre-measured dose of isolate under their tongue and swallow to experience incredibly fast-acting effects. Also, since these products are odorless and flavorless, it’s easy to sneak into DIY edibles, bath bombs, or topicals. 

As hinted above, there are also some THC isolate crystals that concentrate fans could use in a dab rig. While these crystals won’t have any natural weed flavors, they sure will hit users with a profound THC high.

Please remember that THC isolate is the most potent cannabis extract. While this easy-to-dose concentrate has many positive features, users shouldn’t take it lightly. When experimenting with this type of cannabis, it’s best to start with a very tiny dose and see how it affects you.

Those who aren’t yet ready for this high potency experience may want to check out CBD isolate products. These extracts are the same as THC, except they contain ~ 100 percent of the non-intoxicating cannabinoid CBD. Generally, new patients have an easier time with CBD because it has a lower risk for side effects like paranoia. However, even high doses of CBD could induce adverse reactions like sleepiness or nausea.

No matter which isolate powder you use, always go “low and slow.” These powders hold great promise for pot lovers, but it’s easy for new users to overshoot their dosage.