There are more than 750 cannabis strains on the market today. New ones pop up on the market almost daily, and old ones often disappear into obscurity. Some are more common than others. While they might not be as easy to come by, rare strains like Big Love are still quite desirable and rather effective. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the Big Love strain so that you can see for yourself what there is to love about it. 

History of Big Love

Big Love is one of the initial strains that launched following the partnership of the famous country duo the Bellamy Brothers and Trulieve, a medical cannabis company. It debuted alongside one other strain – Reggae Cowboy. While Trulieve is a Florida-based cannabis company, it also operates in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California, so those on the west coast can enjoy it, too. 

The Big Love strain is a well-balanced, 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid strain. The parent plants used to create it are unknown.

purple nug


Big love features bright, neon g

reen nugs with purple hues. They’re light and fluffy with amber hairs or pistils. There’s also a nice coating of sticky, frosty trichomes. 

Aroma and Flavor Profile

When you first encounter Big Love, you’ll be greeted by an earthy, woody aroma. You’ll also get plenty of pine, which comes from the terpene pinene. If you close your eyes when you smell it, you might almost think you’re walking along a trail in the woods after a rainstorm. It’s an overall pleasant olfactory experience. 

If you like the scent of Big Love, you’ll absolutely love its flavor. Its taste is very similar to its aroma. It’s sweet and woody, with notes of herbs and flowers. 

Effects of the Big Love Strain

As a well-balanced hybrid, Big Love offers cerebral and physical effects. It hits your head first, almost instantly after you exhale your first hit. You’ll feel a slight heaviness right behind your eyes that will creep forward and fill you with a euphoric, happy feeling. You’ll feel a little hazy, but it won’t be uncomfortable. 

Eventually, the mental effects shift, and the body high takes over. The haziness you experienced first transforms into physical relaxation. It does sneak up on you, but it shouldn’t be too overwhelming. You should be careful, though, especially if you’re newer to cannabis use. With a THC content of up to 26%, inhaling a little too much could result in an intense experience.

Big Love Uses

With its euphoric and relaxing effects, Big Love can help with a wide range of issues. You might consider it for treating such ailments as:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Aches and pains

Final Thoughts

Big Love is an interesting, well-balanced 50/50 hybrid strain that delivers some pleasant effects. It impacts your head and your body, filling you with a nice euphoria before filling your body with a wonderful sense of relaxation. While it can be a bit hard to find, it’s worth the search. Whether you’re looking to ease migraines, boost your mood, or reduce pain, Big Love is a perfect addition to your list of favorite strains.