In Los Angeles, cannabis consumers have more options for cannabis delivery than ever. Menus are stocked with great products to try, from edibles to classic cannabis strains. For those in search of a strain that will invite repeat purchases from discerning cannabis consumers, these are the best weed strains available at Los Angeles marijuana delivery services.

Alien OG

A seminal strain at cannabis dispensaries, Alien OG instantly impresses with its deep, herbal scent that lingers in the mind long after your encounter has ended. The strong sensations of Alien OG, as a sativa-leaning hybrid strain and one of the best weed strains for sharing with others, will have you feeling happy and contented for hours with out-of-this-world euphoria.

Alien OG often harbors around 18% THC on average, meaning the strain is ideal for moderate cannabis consumers who like a high that is strong, but not too strong. Alien OG’s buds are also quickly picked apart and burn easily, allowing for an experience that is exceptionally smooth and satisfying.

Best Weed Strains


In a similar vein as Alien OG is Runtz, which also offers a pleasant smoke, especially for beginner cannabis enthusiasts. That’s because Runtz features soft, crystalline flower that breaks apart with little effort. Runtz buds will also usually present vivid purple hues that are stunning to the eye.

When smoked, Runtz will convey a powerful sense of relaxation that seems to lift one into a restful state of mind and body. That makes Runtz a great choice for those looking to enjoy a quiet night on the couch or explore a new video game. Likewise, a strong dose of Runtz smoke may eventually help with getting to sleep.

Best Weed Strains

Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is another otherworldly strain, a popular hybrid that has a reputation for versatility. Smoking Skywalker OG is a good idea whether you’re attending a gathering with friends or simply enjoying the night sky by yourself. Its refreshing, unique flavor is part of the reason many individuals come back for a repeated purchase of the strain.

As a hybrid, Skywalker OG owes much of its charm to its genetics, particularly the Blueberry strain from which it’s derived. The subtle fruity quality inherent in Skywalker OG smoke serves as a callback to this celebrated lineage.

Best Weed Strains

Lemon Pepper

A decidedly delicious strain, Lemon Pepper does justice to its name with a robust flavor. However, those who smoke Lemon Pepper will also be pleasantly surprised by its uplifting, creative high that seems to make even dull experiences seem exciting. Lemon Pepper can often be exceptionally strong, however, so newer cannabis consumers should go slow as always and exercise caution when smoking the strain.

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