Cannabis brands are rising in popularity with continued legalization efforts and the spike in cannabis delivery after COVID-19. Many brands—both old and new—are making a name for themselves in the business. Today’s top 10 best cannabis brands stand out for their innovation, quality, and credibility.


The California-based brand STIIIZY were originally known for their high-quality vaping products. They now stock a wide range of cannabis products—from buds to edibles to everything in between. Moreover, by extracting from freshly harvested plants, STIIIZY is known for preserving the authentic taste, therefore delivering a potent effect.

2. Sunderstorm 

Sunderstorm is one of the top cannabis gummy companies in California and have been named one of the 15 most exciting cannabis brands in 2020 by Business Insider. Sunderstorm crafts edibles with a great taste, high-quality cannabis oils, and a consistent dose. The most popular of their products, Kanha gummies, are well known for being flavorful, safe, and reliable. Therefore they’re a great option for microdosing.

3. Canndescent 

Offering high-quality and luxurious cannabis products, Canndescent is known for ultra-premium ingredients. They provide flower and pre-rolls in five signature effects: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge.

best cannabis brands

4. High Garden 

High Garden is best known for providing potent, powerful, high-quality cannabis products for any occasion. They offer a wide range of hybrids to provide varying effects, and their broad product selection caters to every preference. In addition to providing a top-quality product, High Garden is focused on creating pure products with no GMOs, additives, pesticides, or other chemicals.

5. KIVA 

As one of the most recognized cannabis companies in California, KIVA makes incredible cannabis confections. Their products include gummies, mints, and award-winning chocolates. Moreover, the KIVA mission statement highlights its commitment to creating innovative, great-tasting products with a special focus on food safety and quality.

6. Wyld 

Wyld offers an incredible experience with every product and they are best known for their wide range of extremely potent edibles. From a creative buzz to a sleepy haze, Wyld creates gummies and chocolates that can give you the effect you need for every occasion.

7. Flow Kana 

Flow Kana is a family-run, independent brand that makes pre-packaged flower and pre-rolls. As a small business, this brand prides itself on representing a lifestyle of sustainability, quality, and ethics.

8. King’s Garden

From solvents to vaping cartridges, King’s Garden creates high-quality products in all corners of the cannabis market. Their innovative methods include CO2 extraction and curing plants in a strictly controlled environment to preserve the flavor, purity, and potency. Therefore, from the beginning of the growing process to the end result, this company is known for top quality products and entrepreneurial spirit.

9. Smokiez 

Smokiez produces edibles with a cult following among medicinal and recreational cannabis users alike. Moreover, their handcrafted fruit chews and other gummies are in high demand, with a large selection of potencies available for every type of buzz.

10. Cosmic

Cosmic is a small, family-run cannabis company that focuses on medical-grade cannabis. They use precise cannabis science to balance cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, their eye for detail has helped them create products of the finest quality, potency, and purity.

The Best Cannabis Brands Are At Nug Avenue

The cannabis industry continues to thrive and new brands make it to the shelves every day. Therefore we welcome you to talk to your friendly Nug Avenue cannabis expert to get the 411 on these products and see what’s new.